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Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.


How does it work?

Red Light Therapy is the common term for Photobiomodulation or Low-Level-Laser Therapy. It is a well-backed science with over 500 studies. The mechanism is clear and simple: a boost in cellular energy, more oxygen & less nitric oxide. This process has anti-inflammatory properties, which has a big impact on our biology.

Spectrum, Irradiance and EMFs

All our devices have two spectrum. The deep-red spectrum (660nm) and the near-infrared spectrum (850nm). They are 100% accurate. Each LED chips emits 5W of power. This means that it is really efficient and powerful.

The irradiance of our devices is higher than any other devices. At 0 inches, our smallest device emits 120 mW/cm² and the Ultimate outputs 190 mW/cm². To understand more about irradiance, visit this blog post.

By using grounded material and a double insulation, we reduced the EMF levels to almost zero (totally harmless).


Proven benefits, studies and science?

There is dozens of long-approved benefits regarding red light therapy. Some are still not 100% socially approved. Regardless, every statement here is backed with rigorous studies found on official government and scientific agencies.

DISCLAIMER: Every statement here is not approved by the FDA and we do not mean to give medical advice at any time. You must inform yourself and talk to your doctor for any questions. We do not take any responsibility in your doing.


Can I return my device if I'm not satisfied?

We stand by our 60 day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you want to return your device, we will issue a hassle-free full-refund after receiving the device. The item must be in the same condition and have all the accessories. Shipping fees and other charges are non-refundable.

What is the warranty on my device?

Our LED devices are manufactured to last more than 50'000 hours. This is more than your lifetime of use. All our devices have a 3 years warranty covering every internal issues. We do not cover any incident related to external damage or misuse.

Shipping time, location & cost?

Shipping is free and we ship worldwide. We use expedited service with UPS, DHL and DPEX for the fastest delivery. Expect a handling time of 1-5 days and a shipping time of 2-7 days. Minimum delivery time is 3 days. Maximum delivery time is 3 weeks. Due to COVID-19, you can expect an additional delay. We are still operating, but orders take longer to receive.


Only half of the lights are working!

This is totally normal and your device is working well. Our devices use the red (660nm) and near-infrared (850nm) spectrum. They are controlled by two switches labeled "RED" and "NIR". The near-infrared spectrum is not part of the visible light spectrum. This means that we can't see any light coming out.

Although, most cameras (including cellphone cameras) can see the near-infrared spectrum. You simply need to record a video with only the NIR switch lit up. You will notice violet rays coming out of the device. Note that some cellphone camera captures infrared better than others.

Is there side effects or concerns?

No conditions have been reported that interfere with red light therapy. Our devices emits no EMF, which make people dizzy normally. Some people report a tingling sensation or warmth on the treatment area. If you experience any skin reaction, we recommend exposing yourself less time and take a few inches back.

Should I expect results?

Each time you will do a session, you will feel warm, relaxed and saturated with light. For pain treatment, you can feel relief the first time doing a session. The pain will decrease with the weeks/months. For other benefits like skin complexion, it can take a week to see some results. You will see change in a month for sure. Be consistent. Everyday or every other day.

How to use the device?

Our devices are fairly lightweight and can be moved everywhere. You can stand it on the floor or a table. It can be hanged on a door using our door hanging kit. It can be hanged vertically on a ceiling using our hanging kit.

Our devices have 2 main switches that control the two spectra. One switch lights up the deep-red spectrum (660nm) and the other switch lights up the near-infrared spectrum (850nm). You can light up only one at a time or both.

How much time, when and how?

Consistency is the key to benefits. We recommend doing it everyday or every other day. One session per body part per day. If you are at 6 inches, stay for 10 minutes; at 12 inches, stay for 20 minutes. We give a detailed guide and a dosage tool to help you understand how much time you need to get the benefits you want. Red light therapy does not disrupt the melanopsin production in the eye. This means that you can do this at any time in the day, even before bed. You can wear eye wear to reduce light intensity.