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We are firm believers of self-improvement and being at our best, physically and mentally. Every single citizens are experiencing some form of depression, pain and health problem. This is the major crisis we face as a society. Our standard of living has degraded since we live the modern way of life.

We are here as biohackers, not doctors, to inform people on technology and science. We have a responsibility as evolved humans to decide whether we want to live to the fullest, or stay in misery.


LED lights are a revolution to the industry. They have the most power output and efficiency compared to fluorescent, incandescent and other technologies. They consume four to five times less than any other technology.

By focusing on the red and near-infrared spectrum, we are designing therapeutic-grade LED that emits beneficial wavelengths to the human mitochondria.


Built in December 2018 and based in Canada, we produce and sell LED lights at the most affordable price on the market. We strongly believe that red light therapy is a powerful tool and should be more accessible for everyone.

We might be new to the red light therapy industry, but we have been producing LED lights for a decade. From the Blue, Green and UV Spectrum for growing plants to the red and near-infrared spectrum for human health. We keep our standard of production high. Our LED are meant to last a lifetime of use.


With the exponential growth of technology and communication services, society has the ability to be curious and educate itself. By being curious about nutrition and health, you are being a biohacker.

You have the ability to inform yourself on your conditioning and get yourself out of it.

Be curious, never stop learning.




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478 reviews
Mini Red Light Therapy Device
Elia (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Mini review

Very calming!, I use it every night before bed :)

Full-Body Red Light Therapy Device
Filip (Quebec, Canada)
Love it! A must have

I've been using the RLT for about 2 weeks I can definately say this stuff works. My skin started to look smoother and i can see a shift in better energy. One thing I have noticed is that my lifts are better when i use the device. I feel it stronger and less sore after my session. As for sleep WOW i feel i get very deep sleep lately! I dream more so i think it's a sign. I am so happy to have found this site. RLT has been excellent on costumer service. I really recommend everyone to own a RLT panel. 10/10

Mini Red Light Therapy Device
Sylvia Mott (Utah, United States)
Thyroid help

I used it for three months, 5 days week, 30 to 30 min each time directly on my neck where my thyroid is, but I can’t tell if it’s working. I will continue to use it in conjunction with a red light spa I’m utilizing for the full body exposure. That has helped my hair growth back, less muscles aches, less brain fog, less depression, better sex drive, better sleep. I’m 57 over weight female.

Targeted Red Light Therapy Device
DebH (Iowa, United States)
Targeted for Arthritis Help

After several cold laser therapy treatments at a wellness center, I purchased the targeted unit for maintenance. I was surprised it took 3 weeks to receive and then came from Hong is in Canada so?? I've discovered I need to use it morning and evening to get noticeable results for the inflammation in my joints. The unit works great but it would be very helpful to have a separate stand or recommendation for where to purchase one that holds the device facing downward for doing therapy. I devised my own contraption using a step stool but would like to find one that holds the device in several positions.

Mini Red Light Therapy Device
Rebecca Sonchek (California, United States)
Focused Healing. Excellent Quality and Price.

I have been hearing of the benefits Red Light Therapy for some time and was excited to try, yet all I knew was of Joov products. After some research I found Red Alternative and I was attracted to the price point which was more affordable, with out sacrificing quality. I use my mini device for focused sessions for Thyroid health, skin care, and for treatment of TBI. It's so versatile.