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Peace of Mind Guarantee

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3-Year Warranty

Our LEDs are manufactured to last up to 50 000 hours, which is more than your lifetime of use. We offer you a protection for all internal damage for up to 3 years. We got your back.

60 day money-back

If you change your mind, we offer you a hassle-free return policy for 60 days. Easy as contacting us and we will refund 100% of your order.

24/7 Support

Red Light Therapy can be hard to grasp. This is why we are always there to answer all your questions. No confusion.

In The Package:

* The Device of your Choice

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* Grounded Plug, Hanging Kit & Eyewear.



* Digital Device Guide

Why Us?

High Quality Components to Maximize the Benefits. Our Devices Have a Strong Healing Potential.

Precise Spectrum

The deep red spectrum (660nm) and near-infrared (850nm) are proven to be the best to stimulate key enzymes and the mitochondria. No other spectrum have this many benefits.

Therapeutic-Grade Power

With 5W LEDs, the irradiance is higher than the sun in winter. This means faster dosage and less time in front of the device.

Zero EMF

We use a double insulation and grounded material which reduces EMF emission to zero.

Our Certifications

Our devices are manufactured using safety guidelines, quality materials and in conformity of health and environmental protection standards.


Our devices are listed and registered by the Food & Drug Administration in the United States. 


Our devices are in compliance with the RoHS standard for Hazardous materials found in electrical products. 


The Electromagnetic interference emitted by our devices is lower than the limits approved by the FCC in the United States.


Our devices are in conformity with the health, safety and environmental standards of the CE Marking in Europe. 

Devices Specification

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